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Hi I’d like to keep my name anonymous. I was very hesitant to get the vaccine. However, after lots of pressure from everyone and after my doctor of 10 years told me he wouldn’t see me anymore until I was double vaccinated, I decided to get my first vaccine on Tuesday, 4th January 2022. 

I didn’t sleep for three days and on day four or five I started to deteriorate. I couldn’t walk, had pins and needles in arms, legs, hands, burning sensations, hot flushes for a couple of days straight. I called 000 a number of times to be seen to and they passed it off as normal vaccine side effects.

My doctor said he would see me if I had one, which just goes to show it was a way to get people in, as with one I’m not classified as fully vaccinated. So I went to the doctors with my side effects explaining something was wrong, and they gave me sleeping pills and sent me home. The next day I couldn’t walk. My symptoms kept getting worse then better and one minute I thought it was going away and next my walking is starting to improve, although only for short periods of time due to severe weakness.

We decided to go to a third hospital, which was a private one, just to try to get testing done. They ran bloods and CT scan, then an MRI which showed subtle enhancement of the nerve roots anteriorly, especially at the level of L3 and L5 . They thought it was Guillain-Barre but later told me it was probably neurological and to go and see a specialist. 

They haven’t ruled out Guillain-Barre just yet but said as it’s coming and going it could very well be something else. The doctor then called a neurologist specialist for another opinion and they said they have seen quite a few people who have had this after the vaccine but more commonly with AstraZeneca and not Pfizer which I had.

They said to hold off for another four weeks until my next MRI, which is booked for then. They also said I can’t get an exemption as they are only giving them for life threatening reactions. They suggested I may be exempt from Pfizer after I see my first specialist but will have to choose between AstraZeneca or Moderna for my second vaccine. 

I’m scared. I’m 26 with two kids aged five and two and they barely have had a night away from me. It’s been traumatic and so scary. I am begging you if you are young, healthy and fit do not get this. Please.

I literally fell to the pressure and went against my own beliefs and thought I was doing the right thing. I literally thought in the days leading to it, “Maybe it’s all in my head and I’m reading into things. It surely won’t happen to me”. I went against what I felt God didn’t want me to do. I thought I was doing the right thing. 

Now I can’t cook, I can’t clean, I can’t breathe from the crippling anxiety of not knowing how I’ll wake up tomorrow, or if I will at all. I don’t have answers and I don’t know where my help will come from or if there is anyone who can help me. I went from my absolute joy of being a mother and wife and doing everything for my husband and kids to literally having my husband help me to the toilet.

I am still coming to terms that this has happened. It’s been eight days since this and it’s so scary. 

All I’m asking is to please share this to every church, every prayer warrior and every person you know who knows the power of Jesus. Please pray for us, especially for peace as we journey through this uncertain time 

If anyone has any help or tips or any stories of hope for me, please share.

Please if you can understand my letter from the hospital a little better, could you message me with an easy understanding:



Progress of leg weakness bilaterally for five days, reflexes are spared, power 4/5 foot dorsiflexion, 4/5 knee flexion/extension, subjective sensory changes in feet, still has sharp sensation, vibration normal, proprioception is normal ? GBS transverse myelitis


Pre and post contrast with multiplanar reconstruction of the lumbar spine


The alignment of the lumbar spine is maintained, normal intervertebral disc spaces.

In the postcontrast images, there is subtle enhancement of the nerve roots anteriorly especially at the level of L3 and at the level of L5 anteriorly.

There is no enhancement of the conus medullaris.

No features of transverse myelitis or any abnormality within the distal caudal or conus medullaris.

The rest of the nerve roots are not enhancing

No disc disease or any compressive mass lesion.

No significant facet joint arthropathy.

No sacroiliitis.


There is no localised collection

The appearance suggests minor enhancement of the anterior roots of the L3 as well as of the L5 and L4 levels and these are suggestive for minimal neural enhancement and may be early features of ascending neuropathy or neuritis (Guillain Barre syndrome) cannot be completely excluded.

There is however no involvement of the conus medullaris

Lumbar puncture is advised for dedicated assessment.

Urgent neurologist opinion suggested.


Hello everyone, I thought I’d just give an update on my situation. Firstly, thank you so much to all the people who prayed and are continuing to stand with us in prayer. Me and my husband have definitely felt God’s peace and love and guidance throughout this battle. 

I’m booked in to see a neurologist on the 9th and basically have been seeing North Lakes Homeopathy for natural remedies which I believe have helped a lot. I still am having bad days, but I definitely have improved. I’m able to walk, which is honestly a miracle if you saw how I was a few weeks ago. I still am having weakness and some more personal problems that I’m hoping will just clear up. I have definitely noticed it comes and goes, some parts of the days I feel stronger and others I feel less able to do anything really. 

I’m taking it day by day and have had so much love and support. The doctor has said it could have been GBS but a very, very mild case or it could be MS and kept asking if I have it in the family anywhere. I said no, absolutely no one, even in our extended family on both sides. Right now we are just focusing on each day and whatever that brings we will take it on. Once I see my neurologist I will update you all on what the “outcome” will be. I will never take another COVID vaccine as long as I can say no. I am praying thanks for all of you who stand with me In prayer and for all the injuries I see on here daily. Love and peace to you all.

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