I am personally pro-choice and being a social worker, I believe that every person should have autonomy over their lives and their bodies. This has not been the case regarding the government vaccine mandates.  In August 2021 I was mandated to get the COVID vaccine, not only by the government, but also by the Department […]

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Kate K

Melbourne, Vic Dose 1: Pfizer — 20 July 2021 Dose 2: Pfizer — 13 September 2021 Dose 3: Pfizer — 25 January 2022 Batch # FK0892 My name is Kate, I’m 51 years old and I live in the east of Melbourne with my long-time partner. We have no children but adore our cat! Just

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Megs want to remain anonymous, so this is not her real name. Megs has several preexisting medical conditions. These were medically diagnosed and managed. Since the COVID vaccine these have worsened and new symptoms arisen.

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My name is Mel and I’m a 37-year-old mum of two beautiful boys aged 23 months and four years. I was happy, active, and juggling a million things at once before these COVID vaccines came along. I was an avid surfer, snowboarder and rock climber, and I was always seeking the next exhilarating adventure. These

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Richard D

9 August 2021: Astra Zeneca Batch Number: 302359P   4 October 2021: Astra Zeneca Batch Number: 31411P9   My name is Richard and I am a sixty-four-year-old Industry Advisor at the Woodford Prison on the Sunshine Coast. My role was to employ the prisoners into workshops as well as managing recruitment and disciplinary measures for

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