Cameron M

Prior to the COVID vaccinations I was an exceptionally fit and healthy person. As an airline pilot of over 16 years I was routinely expected to meet higher than normal health standards and I never had any issues doing that. I was looking forward to at least another five or six years of active work […]

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Cassie M

Before I took the “safe and effective” Pfizer vaccine I was very healthy. I’m a social worker and was working two jobs and enjoying life with my husband in rural Victoria. My life revolved around walking the dog, running each morning, cycling, reading and full-time work. I was healthy, ate well, have never smoked or

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Nonie E.

I had been working for large supermarket as a Service Manager for over 20 years and was fit, healthy and enjoying life. However, after my AstraZeneca vaccines, this situation changed abruptly. Since having the first vaccination, I have been unable to work so much as a single full week due to my newly acquired debilitating

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Emily S

I work for a bank and I was mandated by my employer to have two COVID-19 vaccinations within a given timeframe. All employees were sent an email advising they must receive two injections or they would lose their job. I had my first Pfizer vaccination on 18th November, 2021. My symptoms from this were a

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Melissa D (deceased)

Melissa was 43 when she died suddenly, eleven days after her one and only AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination. She leaves behind a grieving husband, two children and a grandchild. This is her story, as told by her friend and closest supporter, Leanne. I first met Melissa in 2017 when I was appointed as her disability support

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