Megs is not my real name as I wish to remain anonymous.

I am a 68-year-old lady who has always been very strong, capable, highly motivated and independent.

I have maintained a positive outlook throughout my life despite having several long-term chronic health issues which include fibromyalgia (FMS), connective tissue disease (CTD), mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), interstitial cystitis, endometrial hyperplasia and several auto-immune diseases. All are medically diagnosed.

I am also a ‘DES (diethylstilboestrol) daughter’ which means I need to have yearly breast screen checks and see my gynaecologist annually for specific tests. Exposure to DES can increase the risk of certain cancers. Many have not heard of DES. It is often called the ‘silent thalidomide’ as the side effects are invisible. Like COVID-19 vaccine injuries, most doctors will not discuss DES. Twenty years ago, a doctor did tell me the hard cold facts and risks associated with DES, but said that if I repeated it, he would deny it.

A few years after my mum passed away, I bought a business so that I could keep working. This allowed me to work around my health challenges on a day-to-day basis. Having had chronic health issues for over thirty-five years, working part time, and also a part-time and later, full-time carer for 20 years, I had limited superannuation and savings.  So, I needed to work to improve my financial position.

Prior to having the COVID vaccines, whilst I did have challenging chronic health issues, I stayed strong and remained positive. I could also tolerate high levels of pain.
I focused strongly on my health in terms of diet, exercise, water intake and supplements. I never smoked or took recreational drugs. I have not had a drink for over 35 years, but I was never a big drinker anyway.

I had my first Pfizer COVID vaccination in November 2021. The GP who administered it advised me to take prednisolone immediately afterwards, which I did. I suffered no apparent ill effects at that time.I had my second vaccination in January 2022. This time my immunologist told me NOT to take prednisolone after it, so I abstained. Several hours after the second vaccination, my left eye became very swollen, inflamed, and sore. The swelling and pain were constant and continued over the weekend.

I saw an optometrist the following week. He referred me to an ophthalmologist who I saw on the 13th and again on the 25th of January 2022. I was provided with a script for an eye cream.

In addition to my eye issues, I found that my existing health issues all flared up and intensified dramatically after the second vaccination. The increased severity of these issues remains very high to this day. I have a dramatic increase in brain fog, migraines and severe headaches. It is painful to wash and brush my hair, and my head feels like it is being squeezed in a vice. I have tried many medications, supplements, creams, and ice-packs. I also tried acupuncture, massage and naturopathy. Nothing relieves the pain.

I started suffering from burning and painful feet.
This makes walking very difficult and my sleep is very broken most nights due to the pain and burning. As a result, I am extremely exhausted daily.
My podiatrist, who has been great, says that in time I may lose the ability to walk as a result of the pain.

I feel as though I have systemic inflammation throughout my entire body. I have been on prednisone permanently since the second vaccination in January 2022. The prednisone however barely eases the pain. I dare not take high doses as I am very concerned about osteoporosis. My late mother, who I cared for, was on very high doses of prednisone and had numerous fractures. Prior to second vaccination I only took low doses of prednisone for a few days, several times a year.

Unexplained uterine bleeding and intense pelvic pain started after the second vaccination. I had an abdominal x-ray in April 2022 and consulted a gynaecologist at that time. No diagnosis was given at that stage.

Despite what I had been through up to this time, the booster was still recommended. I had that in mid-April 2022. I was even asked again by the GP in mid-2023 if I wanted a second booster. This was despite numerous appointments with this GP regarding ongoing issues since the second vaccination.

In May 2022, and again in August 2022 I went back to the optometrist as the swelling and inflammation in my left eye continued. I really felt that an eye swab was needed for a clear diagnosis, so I went to my GP to arrange that. In September 2022 I received an urgent call from my GP regarding the results from my eye swab. I was advised to see an ophthalmologist urgently. I saw the ophthalmologist the following week and commenced an intensive six-week treatment which helped ease the symptoms at the time. However, the eye swelling and pain continues to flare up, in addition to a rash surrounding that eye.

In July 2022 and October 2023 I had two melanomas removed by a dermatologist. I had never had a melanoma previously. In December 2023, I also had a squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) removed but I had experienced a few SCCs before. I had a full body check by a dermatologist in mid-December 2023. Four weeks later, in January 2024, another suspicious spot appeared — another SCC.

In December 2022, I saw the gynaecologist twice regarding the ongoing uterine bleeding and constant, intense pelvic pain. Prior to the second vaccination I had never had uterine bleeding. In late December 2022, the gynaecologist carried out a hysteroscopy the results of which showed no signs of cancer or any other sinister issues. The pelvic pain continues and I now see the gynaecologist every two months, due to ongoing variable hyperplasia (abnormal increase in the number of cells). Prior to the second jab, my hyperplasia was under control and well managed. I only saw the gynaecologist once a year for a routine check-up and specific tests related to being a DES daughter.

In January 2023, I saw my rheumatologist. I updated her on all the changes to my existing conditions and the new symptoms I was experiencing. I told her that am constantly exhausted, due to very poor sleep caused by the severe pain. I told her that my whole body feels severely inflamed. No solutions were offered. When I asked her for an MRI of both feet as it was becoming more difficult to walk due to the severe burning and pain, she said to go back to the podiatrist. I explained that I had seen him many times and he couldn’t do anything more, despite his great efforts. I had even spent $1,000 on special shoes and orthotics which I cannot wear due to pain.

I felt I had to almost beg for the MRI. She reluctantly gave me the MRI form. The results showed two ganglions, osteoarthritis and a hallux valgus deformity (bunion) in both feet, and intermetatarsal bursitis in one foot. I did have some of these issues prior to the vaccine, but they’ve worsened significantly since.

My podiatrist, who reviewed the MRI report thoroughly, stated that whilst the issues diagnosed in the MRI would cause pain, it should not be to the degree that I am experiencing. Additionally, they should not be making it so difficult to walk. He feels there is systemic inflammation. I do too! He thinks that is the only explanation for the high degree of pain I am experiencing and difficulty walking. My GP and rheumatologist disagree with him.

I asked the rheumatologist if these issues could be related to the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccines She simply said, “There have been no issues with Pfizer, only a few with Astra Zeneca”.

I told her in a very polite manner, “With respect, Dr Kerryn Phelps former AMA President and her wife had significant issues with Pfizer vaccines”. The consultation was then brought to an abrupt end. I didn’t even get a chance to get my scripts. I had driven for two hours to get to this appointment and she effectively threw me out because I dared to question the vaccine!

My mental health plummeted after this rheumatology appointment and it continues to be a challenge. When I asked my MCAS osteopath about whether other patients with similar health issues had worsened since the vaccine, he didn’t answer. When I asked him again, he very quietly and reluctantly said, “Yes”.

I received a similar response from my general GP after asking her on several occasions. I told her that I only had the COVID vaccine because we were told “it would protect our loved ones and the community”. Her response was, “Did they say that?”

I had an MRI on my brain in January 2024 due to the ongoing headaches and migraines. The results didn’t indicate any reason for the constant and debilitating headaches. Personally, I feel it is inflammation.

I have also developed arthritis in several parts of my body, especially in the hips, spine, feet, toes, fingers and hands. It has become very difficult and painful to hold a pen and write. I cannot go for walks, do gardening or many other basic things in life, that previously gave me great pleasure.

My GP of over twenty-five years who helped me manage my chronic health conditions, never even encouraged flu vaccines for people like me. He said, “It usually brings on flare-ups which can last for a long time”. When the COVID vaccines were mandated, he and his GP wife both retired. A huge loss!!

My pulmonary specialist who was aware of my full medical history and severe allergies didn’t think I should have the vaccines, but he was unable to sign a vaccine exemption. He said if I got my GP to write an exemption, he would back it. My new GP didn’t think this was necessary.

I very, very reluctantly decided to get vaccinated. But my partner who is in his mid-70s, has respiratory issues, and many of my customers are elderly. I also had pressure from customers asking whether I was vaccinated. I was petrified of getting COVID and passing it on to my partner or others.

The toll that these past few years has taken on me in every aspect of my life, including relationships, has been truly enormous. This is not to mention the ongoing cost of all these medical appointments and alternative treatments. I have spent approximately $10,000 in the last twelve months. It has also been very difficult and stressful for me to juggle appointments whilst running a busy retail business. I do not have staff and do it all myself. Appointments have to be scheduled on my day off.

What has made it worse has been the complete dismissal by doctors of what I am going through since having the second vaccination. The silence has been deafening and there has been zero support!

I asked a friend, (a specialist doctor who previously consulted for the WHO), if the COVID vaccine could have aggravated my auto-immune issues. He said, “Of course. You put anything like a COVID vaccine in a body with auto-immune diseases and it will cause problems”.

Having the Pfizer vaccines and incurring the injuries that I have experienced since then, has forced me into a position where I have had to make the very difficult decision to put my business up for sale. I had intended to work until I was in my mid 70s to boost my super and savings. However, the current economic climate has affected turnover and is making it very difficult to sell the business. Working over the years has been very good for my mental health and I will miss the wonderful community and the work very much!

I don’t know how our medical system has become so broken and how these vaccines could have been touted as “safe and effective” when they are clearly far from that. I have totally lost faith and trust in our government and our medical system, apart from the courageous doctors who have spoken out.

I hope that my story can help other people to realise that they are not alone in their suffering and that there really is support out there from groups of amazing people like Jab Injuries Australia. Thank you!

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