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I had been working for large supermarket as a Service Manager for over 20 years and was fit, healthy and enjoying life. However, after my AstraZeneca vaccines, this situation changed abruptly. Since having the first vaccination, I have been unable to work so much as a single full week due to my newly acquired debilitating health issues. I have been forced to step down as Service Manager and take on a more junior role as I can no longer manage the hours required or handle the responsibility involved.

I was always against the vaccines when talk first started about them, as I felt strongly that no-one should ever be forced to take a medication against their will. I was also wary due to stories I had already heard about issues with an untested vaccine. Nevertheless, my employer mandated them, and I was told in no uncertain terms that I either had to get vaccinated or lose my job. As I could not afford to lose my job, I was in a complete no-win situation.

On the 25th of August 2021, I had my first AstraZeneca vaccine.

I initially felt no ill effects, but three to four weeks later it all started to go pear-shaped in a huge way. All of a sudden I started getting massive chest pain and heart palpitations and my heart rate went up as high as 240 bpm. I called an ambulance and was taken to Sunshine Hospital for assessment. They gave me an angiogram, a stress test and various scans along with blood tests. Aside from the angiogram apparently showing mild heart disease, they said I was perfectly fine and that nothing was wrong with me. All they could say was that I was possibly suffering anxiety and that perhaps a psychiatrist may be able to help.

I knew that was not the case but that was the only answer they gave me.

They kept me in for four days to observe how I was going but ultimately, they released me none the wiser.

After that hospital visit, I started getting acute vertigo. I would usually get it at least once a fortnight and it would wipe me out for a minimum of two days.

A GP who I saw around this same time, likewise, had no answers for me on any of my symptoms which included constant chest pain, heart palpitations, increased heart rate, and vertigo.

By this stage my employer started hassling me to get my second vaccine. I told them of the health issues since the first one, but they remained steadfast. I either had to get the second vaccine or I would lose my job. There was no opportunity for negotiation despite my long employment record with them.

So, on the 4th of October 2021, I lined up for my second vaccination.

The second vaccine went exactly as the first one had. I had no reaction for the first couple of weeks then all the same symptoms from last time returned but with a vengeance.

I had to call an ambulance again and was taken to hospital. They ran the same tests, declared me to be fine and released me from hospital at 2.00am to find my own way home.

Shortly after that hospital experience, I saw a cardiologist but after running more tests, he also declared me to be perfectly fine.

I knew that I was NOT fine but all the medical professionals I saw simply gaslit me and told me that all was well.

The irony of all this was that after working in a supermarket for two years before the vaccines were introduced, I never once got COVID. Then, after the end of one of the many lockdowns we had, I got COVID. But, in my opinion, it was far less severe than a normal cold or flu.

Life went on, but the chest pain and heart palpitations and vertigo never went away. Instead, they became my constant, unwanted companions. I was forced to take huge amounts of time off work and as a result, I now have no sick leave or annual leave left.

Approximately 18 months later, I was again stricken with a massive chest pain and heart palpitation episode, and had to attend the hospital via ambulance again. In what was fast becoming a familiar pattern, they ran more tests, declared me well and kicked me out on the same day. The ongoing refrain was that there was nothing wrong with me.

In December 2023, I developed a new and unwelcome symptom of constant nausea and ongoing vomiting. I lost my appetite completely and even when I had no food in me, I would vomit bile – an excruciating and vile experience. I vomited multiple times at work in a public environment, which was hideous as well as being acutely embarrassing.

My GP arranged some tests and advised that my red platelet count was down, so she suspected some sort of internal bleeding. She arranged for me to have a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy, both of which ultimately produced no viable results. Like all the other doctors preceding her, she had no answers.

I now feel as though I have no more options available, as I have had so many tests without any results, and I feel like no-one is interested anymore. All of my symptoms are still there on a daily basis and I keep wondering whether the next heart issue will be the one that takes me out once and for all.

If anyone has any particular protocols or ideas that could help me, I would be happy to hear them as I am at a loss for what to do next.

My message:

Since being forced to take the mandatory vaccines, the health system has let me down. I am tired of being accused of having “emotional” ailments when I had three hospital stays, all with very serious issues.

I used to be an outgoing bubbly person but now no one listens to me and I am just a shell of my previous self.

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