Your Story

If you are injured and you would like to share your story with us, please fill out the form below. Once we receive your submission, one of our compassionate writers will contact you via SMS to organise the best time to sit down over a call and interview you.

You will need to allow anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of your story, where we will lead you through a series of questions and write your story in true form. To make this experience as pleasant as possible, please have ready all your paperwork and dates in the correct timeline.


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    If you need to find your batch numbers follow this link to find them: Follow This Link

    For sharing your story with us, and as a thank you, we have been able to team up with Health Heiress to give you each a natural detox package. We understand every injury is different and must be treated case by case. Please let us know if you would like to receive this package and we will put you in direct contact with Health Heiress who will give you further advice.